Where does your money go?

All of the money raised from this initiative will be donated to the Lebanese Red Cross. The INSEAD Alumni Lebanon ExCo has always supported The Lebanese Red Cross throughout the years as this institution has always been a pillar of the Lebanese society providing free emergency and pre-medical care for the Lebanese Population.
They estimate their emergency funding needs to about $ 20 Million USD.
We have setup a bank account in the name of the INSEAD Alumni Association Lebanon to receive all donations from fellow Alums and distribute them to the Red Cross.
This initiative is being backed up by the International INSEAD Association and many of the 49 NAA and 8 global clubs.

Support from businesses – how can you help?

You can donate online or by transferring money to our accounts in USD or EUR. If you would like to make in kind donations please contact us directly.

What will the donations be used for?

You can find here a link to the Lebanese Red Cross appeal for 3 month.

Is the Association supporting other initiatives?

Until we reach our initial funding goal our focus is on raising money to support the Lebanese Red Cross.
This is the first step of many other initiatives that we will be taking locally and in coordination with Regional INSEAD Alumni Associations working closely with Elias Aad (Pres. NAA UAE) and Bassam Alaujan (Pres. NAA KSA).

NAA Lebanon governance and board

The Executive Committee of the INSEAD Alumni Association Lebanon:
Anthony Boukather – President
Georges AbouAdal – Vice President
Coralie Zaccar - Accountant
Jihane Azar - Treasurer
Marc Karam - Secretary